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A Foot Betting (Full Version)

Jenna and Gianluca made a sort of bet. Which of the two will be able to stay under Mayla's feet the longest after she has finished her training. They are all in the bedroom and they are read to begin the game.

Jenna is the first one. Mayla takes off the shoes and shows a close up of her dirty and sweaty socks, after a long run. She immediately puts both of them over Jenna's face, making her to smell them. She keeps them for long time, having fun to do it and hearing the deep breathe of Jenna while she tries not to feel disgusted due to the strong odour. Mayla takes a shoe and puts it over Jenna's nose, so she has to smell it too. Also in this case the smell is quite strong. She then continues to keep the stinky feet in socks over Jenna's face for some minutes.

The first round is not finished yet. Mayla takes off the dirty socks and shows a close up of her bare sweaty feet. She continues the foot smelling domination by putting the stinky toes over Jenna's nose, so she has the only chance to smell them. Mayla finds the whole game very funny and continues it for several minutes, until she thinks it is the time for leave the game to Gianluca.

It's Gianluca's turn now. As she did with Jenna, Mayla takes off the shoes aned shows a close up of her dirty socks. She puts them over his mouth and nose and keeps them for several minutes, to understand if he is worthy of competing with Jenna. She puts the shoes over his nose too, as she did it with Jenna.

Mayla takes off the socks and continues dominating the man with her sweaty and stinky feet over his mouth and nose, especially keeping the toes (the smelliest part of the foot) over his nose, making him to smell them without mercy. She keeps him gagged with the dirty socks she previously removed.

The game also ends with Gianluca. Mayla will decide later which of the two between Jenna and Gianluca will have won the bet...

Models: Mayla, Jenna, Gianluca
Time 36:00
Size 2775 MB
Format MP4

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