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A Lesbian Feet Game (Bare Feet Part)

Diana and Juis take off their pantyhose and panties, so they are fully naked. Diana puts one foot over Juis' mouth and nose, making her to smell and worship it and starts massaging her clitoris with the other one. Then Juis does the same thing to her and continues moving the foot over her pussy until she reaches the orgasm and squirts.

The game continues with the feet of Juis over Diana's mouth and nose, who smell and worship them enjoying it. Diana then plays with Juis' clitoris again.

After a long and exciting lesbian feet game, the two friend put on their clothes and come back to the living room, in time for the return of Juis' mother.

Models: Juis Wild, Diana Zilli
Time 15:29
Size 1116 MB
Format MP4

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