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After The Party 2 (Full Version)

It's morning. Rey sits on the couch, returning from a night in the disco. She takes off her high heels shoes and sniffs them, complaining they're quite smelly afterwards hours of dancing. Then, laughing, she shows a close up of her feet, telling that it is
time to prank her friend Eva, who is bound and gagged in the bedroom.

She reaches the bedroom, where Eva is tied up and gagged. She takes off her shoes again, sits on the bed and puts a foot in pantyhose over her nose, making her to smell it. Rey decides to continue playing with her, so she pushes her feet tight over the nose, smothering her poor friend with them. Eva can only make muffled moans and wheezy breaths, while the nasty girl has fun to see it in those conditions and laughs. She keeps the feet for several minutes and when Eva can breathe, she has to smell the strong odour, after several hours of dancing at the party.

Rey takes off the pantyhose and shows a close up of her bare sweaty feet. She thinks Eva only sniffed the odour of her pantyhose, but not the one of her bare and sweaty feet, so she puts a foot over her nose, keeping the stinky toes over it, so the poor slave has to smell them. As in the previous part of game, Rey pushes her feet tight over Eva's nose, smothering her. We can only hear the muffled moans and wheezy breaths of Eva, while her sadistic friend keeps the toes tight over her nose, closing her nostrils too. The poor woman has to bear a half hour of smothering and stinky female feet.

Models: Rey, Eva BlackHell
Time 34:55
Size 2529 MB
Format MP4

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