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Caught For Smell 2

Elsa pours the chloroform on a cloth. She reaches Jacquelyn in the living room and puts the cloth over her mouth and nose. Jacquelyn tries to remove the cloth from her mouth and makes muffled screams. Elsa keeps it tight, until Jacquelyn faints.

Jacquelyn wakes up. She opens her eyes and notices she is tied up and cleavegagged on the floor. She struggles and tries to call for help, in vain.

Elsa comes back to the room. She takes off her shoes and shows her soles, covered with a pair of nylon pantyhose. She puts her feet over Jacquelyn's mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them. She smothers her with them too.

Elsa takes off her pantyhose and continues her foot smelling humiliation with bare feet. She puts both feet over Jacquelyn's face, who can't breath under them. Elsa keeps them for long time, smothering Jacquelyn.

Models: Elsa Ives, Jacquelyn Velvets
Time 15:17
Size 567 MB
Format MP4

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