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Dirty Feet Punishment

Lilian comes back to home, after an intense workout in the park. She slowly takes off the shoes and touches the socks, feeling how much wet they are. She takes off the socks too and shows a close up of her sweaty soles. Then she rubs her feet on the floor, to make them enough dirty to humiliate his slave Gianluca.

Gianluca is on the couch when Lilian reaches the room. She shows him her dirty feet and makes him understand what will happen to him shortly. She sits on the couch and puts the feet over his mouth and nose, covering most of the face and pushing them tight.

Gianluca has very little air between his nose and Lilian's soles, so he can only breathe in the dirt. She smothers him with her both feet and sometimes she closes his nostrils with toes. She has not mercy and gives him a a humiliating punishment.

Lilian finally leaves her slave on the couch, reminding him she will come back the next day.

Models: Lilian, Gianluca
Time 17:59
Size 1300 MB
Format MP4

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