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Fantasies About Feet (Full Version)

Gianluca is a producer who likes filming bare feet of young women. While he is making a wide shot of them sitting on the couch and showing their bare soles, he begins to think about some fantasies.

In the first one, Liz fondles the body of Emma with her stinky feet and puts them over her mouth and nose. Initially Emma has to smell and lick them, then she pushes them roughly over her face, so she has difficulty breathing. The game becomes harder when Liz gags Emma with a foot inside her mouth and pinches the nose with the other one, smothering her. The Spanish woman continues the foot smelling and smothering domination for several minutes, ending with the pass out of Emma.

In the second one, the two women reverse their roles. Now Emma is the dominant and she puts her large and stinky feet over Liz's body, fondling it. Then she puts them over her face and makes her to lick and worship them. Although the strong odour, Liz feels pleasure to stay under the feet of the other model. However, the situation gets complicated when Emma decides to go down a little harder and puts a foot inside her mouth and pinches the nose with the other one, smothering her. She repeats this kind of foot smother action several times, when in the last one, Liz passes out.

We return to the initial scene, when Gianluca is filming the feet of the two models.They had already guessed what he was thinking about and decide to play a prank on him. They put their stinky feet over his mouth and nose, making him to smell them. He makes muffled screams, while we can view a POV close up of four female feet

Models: Emma Taco Deluxe, Liz Rainbow
Time 35:39
Size 2755 MB
Format MP4

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