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Feet Submission

Ammalia is reading a magazine on her bed. She hears a little noise outside the bedroom, so she decides to take a look.

At the same time, Ann-Lee is preparing a rag with the chloroform. When Ammalia walks near the kitchen, she grabs her from behind, putting the cloth over her mouth and nose.

Ann-Lee drags Ammalia to the armachair. She tries to chloroforms her four times, because she is not expert with this practice. The fourth and last time, she presses tightly the cloth with hands, putting to sleep Ammalia. Then she pinches her nose, to be sure she is really sleeping.

Ammalia wakes up tied on the couch. Ann-Lee removes her black boots and begins a real foot domination game. She puts her stinky feet, covered with a pair of stockings, over Ammalia face and rubbing them over her mouth and nose. Then she removes her stockings too and continues the game without them.

Ammalia is forced to be quiet and smell Ann-Lee's bare feet. Near the end of clip, she smothers her with them and goes away.

Twenty minutes clip, with long chloroforms scenes from the start and more than twelve minutes of intense foot domination with final smother, until the end of clip.

Models: Ann-Lee, Ammalia
Time 19:53
Size 442 MB
Format MP4

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