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Hands On Soles

Lea is a robber who breaks into Cali's home. She is searching for valuables, when Cali comes back to home. Lea takes a chloro cloth, grabs Cali from behind and puts it over her mouth and nose. Cali struggles and tries to remove the cloth. Lea keeps it tight, so Cali is forced to inhale the substance and slowly passes out.

When Cali wakes up, she finds herself tied up to the chair. Lea explains she likes so much tickling feet of her female victim, so she takes off Cali's shoes and starts tickling her feet, covered with pantyhose. Cali can't resist and laughs so loud. Lea handgags her, because she can't stand victims who screams.

Lea puts Cali to sleep with chloroform again. When she is unconscious, she takes off her pantyhose and fondles her dirty feet.

The robber continues her foot tickling torture for long time. She handgags Cali again, while she is laughing. She takes the chloro cloth and puts it over Cali's mouth for the third time. She keeps it until Cali faints. She goes away and leaves the limp body of her victim tied up on the chair.

Models: Lea Hart, Cali Logan
Time 16:57
Size 625 MB
Format MP4

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