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How We Use Our Feet Pantyhose Part

Gianluca has a new neighbor: Xena. For some days she has her American friend Rachel as a guest. While he is looking at them, he has some fantasies about what they might do with him. He has a vision of Xena and Rachel who put their feet over his face (POV scene).

Xena however notices he is looking at them, so she decides to give him a punishment. She ties and gags him, then she drags him to the living room. Both roommates are disgusted to know what he was doing. Rachel insults him, while Xena slaps, kicks and punches him. Then she throws him to the floor and both women decide to give him what he really want.

They push their stinky feet in pantyhose over his nose, making him to smell them and smothering him too. Xena in particular enjoys pressing them hard inside his nostrils and see his suffering face while he gasps for air. She has fun to put a foot inside his mouth and hit his stomach with punches and kicks too. Rachel always laughs when she sees what Xena is doing with him and often keeps her both feet over his mouth and nose, to hold his breath. The poor man sometimes has to bear four female feet over his nose, without being able to react and say anything.

Models: Xena, Rachel Adams, Gianluca
Time 17:12
Size 1239 MB
Format MP4

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