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Leather Gloves On Soles 2

A woman in leather catsuit, black leather gloves and pantyhose mask breaks into Jacquelyn's apartment, while she is sleeping on the couch. The woman pours the chloroform on a cloth and puts it over Jacquelyn's mouth and nose. Jacquelyn wakes up and struggles, but she passes out because the substance takes its effect.

The woman ties up Jacquelyn with ropes and takes off her high heels shoes. She explains to her she likes tickling feet of every female victims. She starts tickling feet of Jacquelyn, wich are covered by a pair of nylon stockings. She continues doing it, sometimes keeping her handgagged, because she laughs so loud.

The masked woman pours the chloroform on the cloth again and puts it over Jacquelyn's mouth and nose. She waits until she faints for the second time.

The woman cuts the stockings with scissors, leaving the feet of her victim bare. She waits until Jacquelyn wakes up and continues her sadistic tickling action against her. She handgags her too, because she can't stand the loud laughter of her victim.

Before leaving the apartment, the woman puts the chloro cloth over Jacquelyn's mouth and nose for the third time, waiting until she passes out. Then she leaves the room.

Models: Jamie Daniels, Jacquelyn Velvets
Time 15:39
Size 578 MB
Format MP4

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