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Playing With Feet Episode 1 (Bare Feet Part)

There is a strong rivalry between Xena and Lilli. Lilli pretended to seduce Gianluca, Xena's partner. In reality, her purpose is capturing and humiliating him and taking some photos to send to Xena, to make the two fight each other.

Gianluca and Lilli are on the bed, under the covers. While they are talking, Lilli surprises him, taking out a rag soaked with chloroform from the drawer and pushing it over his face. He struggles and tries to remove her hand from his mouth and nose, but she keeps the cloth tight and he passes out.

Lilli takes off her pantyhose and shows a close up of her bare feet. Then she continues the perverted game against her fake lover Gianluca. She closes his nose with the toes and his mouth with sole, smothering him again. She continues the previous games, so she plays with his nipples, pushes both feet over his mouth and nose and takes some photos. She orders him to open the mouth and puts a foot inside it, closing his nostrils with her fingers at the same time.

After a long foot smother game, Lilli puts the chloro cloth over his mouth and nose again. She keeps it tight with both hands, waiting until he passes out.

Models: Lilli Bayle, Gianluca
Time 19:12
Size 1393 MB
Format MP4

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