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Smelling And Tickling

Jordan is in the bedroom and Ela reaches her, holding a chloro cloth. She puts it over her mouth and nose and keeps it tight. Jordan struggles and tries to scream, but Ela has no mercy and she passes out.

Ela ties up Jordan with handcuffs. Both women wear only a pair of pantyhose. When Jordan wakes up, Ela puts her stinky feet over her face, forcing her to smell them, then she tickles her feet. Jordan is ticklish, but she is not able to laugh, because Ela at the same time gags her with pantyhosed stinky feet.

After a long foot smelling and tickling action, Ela smothers Jordan with a foot and keeps it with a hand. Jordan can't breath and passes out again.

Ela takes off her pantyhose and the ones of Jordan, while she is sleeping. When she wakes up, Ela continues the previous game. She forces Jordan to smell her bare feet. At the same time she tickles her soles without mercy. Ela bites and licks Jordan's bare feet too.

Ela gags Jordan with her pair of pantyhose and continues tickling her. Near the end of clip, she takes the chloro cloth and puts it over Jordan's mouth and nose. She keeps it until Jordan faints for the last time.

Models: Ela Winters, Jordan Pryce
Time 18:20
Size 678 MB
Format MP4

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