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Stinky Feet Punishment

Gianluca is watching the TV on the couch. Her wife Sharin comes back to home after her daily training. She immediately scolds him, telling him he is a slacker and never cleans the house. He decides to move to the bedroom, but she grabs him and holds his arms with a pair of handcuffs. Then she throws him on the couch and sits over his chest. She takes off the shoes, showing the wet and dirty socks after a long run.

She decides to give him a punishment and convince him to cooperate next time. She pushes a stinky shoe over his mouth and nose, forcing him to smell it. She handsmothers him and when she removes the hands, she immediately puts the dirty and stinky feet in socks over his face and pushes them tight, so she must smell them. She rubs them too, to make his face dirty and fill it with the bad smell. He feels disgusted, but understands he can't do nothing against the severity of his wife.

Sharin takes off the socks and shows a close up of her bare and sweaty feet. She continues the punishment, so she puts them over Gianluca's mouth and nose and forces him to smell them again. She pushes them tight, proving to be quite sadistic. She puts a sock inside his mouth to gag him, then she covers it with a foot and pinches his nose with the other one, smothering him. She continues in this way several times, when the last one she keeps the feet for too much time and he passes out.

Models: Sharin, Gianluca
Time 18:35
Size 1434 MB
Format MP4

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