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Strange Games Of The Lovers Full Version

Diana and Gianluca are two lovers who secretly meet in her house. Diana confesses to Gianluca she is tired to only have sex. In order not to make the meetings monotonous, she is willing to try something less conventional. Gianluca fully agrees with her.

Gianluca is naked on the bed and Diana is in underwear and stockings. She puts her veiled stinky feet over his nose, making him to smell them. He is a little embarrassed, but he likes it and lets himself be dominated by her. While she rubs the nylon over his face, she plays with his nipples and touches his penis.

Diana takes off the underwear and stockings. She continues the previous game, but this time with bare feet. She puts the toes and the soles over his mouth and nose and tells him to lick them. He does it with pleasure, while she starts fingering her pussy and continues doing it for several minutes, until she reaches the orgasms and squirts. Then she squeezes his nipple and gives him a handjob again. He always stays under her bare feet and moans.

Diana decides to change the game. She puts her wet and smelly pussy over his face, smothering him for several seconds. Then she continues the facesitting domination by putting her ass over his mouth and nose and sitting at full weight. Gianluca can't breathe, but he can feel the heat of wet pussy and ass, so she enjoys it. Diana is quite sadistic and stays over his mouth and nose for long time. She continues playing with his nipples and near the end of clip, she gives him the last handjob, making him to cum.

Models: Diana Zilli, Gianluca
Time 49:14
Size 3574 MB
Format MP4

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