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Strong And Sweaty Feet

Laura goes to the bedroom after a long training, where her lesbian friend Emily is waiting for her. While she is taking off her shoes, she tells to Emily she knows something about her secret. Emily pretends not to know anything, but Laura puts a smelly shoe over her face, making her to smell it.

Emily lays down on the bed, feeling herself uncovered. Laura puts one of her wet stinky socks inside her mouth, then she puts a sweaty bare foot over her nose, making her to smell it.

The domination game of Laura begins. She pushes the foot over Emily's mouth and nose very tight, smothering her. She continues in this way for several minutes, where she uses one or both feet to close the mouth and nose of her lesbian friend. Sometimes she pinches the nose with nose, humiliating and at the same time, making Emily excited.   

Models: Laura Schwarz, Emily
Time 20:10
Size 1464 MB
Format MP4

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