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The Toes Dominance (Lilli On Red)

Red is on the bed with a mask for eyes, when Lilli reaches her and starts tying her up. Red asks her why she is doing it, but Lilli, once she finishes tying her, she takes the duct tape and ties it around her mouth, gagging her too.

Lilli begins her perverted and funny game. She puts a stinky foot over Red's face and closes the nostrils with toes. She pushes and keeps it tight. She has fun to see her poor friend making muffled moans and keeping the eyes wide open. Lilli continues the game for several minutes, changing the foot or putting both of them over Red's mouth and nose. The poor friend, when she can breathe, she has to smell the strong odour of female feet.

Lilli decides to finish the game in the best way. She keeps the mouth and nose of Red closed and waits until she passes out.

Models: Lilli Bayle, Red Snow
Time 15:38
Size 1126 MB
Format MP4

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