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Tickling In The Dungeon (Full Version)

Lilli and Daphne decide to play a tickling challenge. In turn, each of the two will have to be tickled by the other one. Who laughs or moves so much or lifts the feet from the bed, lose the challenge and pays a dinner for both.

Lilli sits down on the bed, showing a close up of her bare feet. Daphne starts tickling them with the fingers and she tries to resist. This is only the begin. Daphne tickles her armpits too, then she continues with the feet, using some "accessories" to do it, like a comb between the toes and different kind of brushes over the soles. Lilli holds on to the bar above her for the whole time, letting out a few laughs every now and then, but she resists.

Now it is Daphne's turn. She sits down on the bed and leans the heels over it, showing a close up of her soles and toes. Lilli starts the game using a powder puff. She rubs it around Daphne's armpits, then she moves it over her bare feet and starts tickling them with it. Daphne also seems to resist as much as she did before, so she changes methods. She rubs the fingers over her feet, tickles her armpits, uses claws, a brush and a comb. Daphne doesn't expect all this sadism and laughs so loud.

Daphne finally gives up, begging her friend to stop. She will have to pay for dinner.

Models: Lilli Bayle, Daphne
Time 28:19
Size 2181 MB
Format MP4

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