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Tickling Interrogation (Full Version)

Rey stole some secret documents from a company and Sharin was hired to recover them. She breaks into her house and patiently waits. When Rey comes back to home, she sits on the couch. Sharin appears behind it and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Rey struggles and makes muffled screams, but passes out.

Sharin slowly ties Rey up with ropes on the chair, leaving her barefoot with toes tied up. Her his goal is interrogating her to obtain the information she needs, so she takes her bag and takes out a series of objects useful for her purpose. She starts tickling Rey's feet using the fingers, then she takes a comb, a brush and other strange objects to play with her.

The tickling actions and the interrogation continue for several minutes, but Rey does not reveal any information. Sharin insists and tickles her harder and harder, until Rey decides to speak up. Sharin gags Rey, putting the sock inside her mouth and leaves the room, to search for documents. Rey can't escape from the chair, because she is still tied up and gagged.

Models: Sharin, Rey
Time 30:26
Size 2345 MB
Format MP4

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