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Tickling Perversion 2 (Full Version)

Lara grabs Rey from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, keeping it with a gloved hand. Rey struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Lara ties up Rey on the chair, while she asks her the reason she is doing it. Lara takes the red tape and wraps it around her mouth, gagging her. Now she can do what she wants. She starts fondling her feet in pantyhose with gloved hands, then she tickles them. Rey makes muffled moans, because the gag stops her from laughing. Lara continues the tickling domination for several minutes, doing it with feathers too. She rips the pantyhose at the base of the feet, uncovering them, then she tickles them with gloved hands and feathers again, without mercy. Finally she puts her to sleep with chloroform.

Rey wakes up, still tied up and gagged on the chair. She struggles and manages to free herself. She decides to take revenge on her fake friend, so she opens a drawer and puts on a pair of black leather gloves. Lara comes back to the room and surprised, she doesn't find Rey. This one however attacks her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, keeping it until she passes out.

Now Rey ties Lara up on the chair, while she threatens her. Rey doesn't listen a single word, thinking about the right revenge. When she finishes tying her legs, she wraps the red tape around her mouth, as she previously did to her.

Lara has her feet in pantyhose lean on the chair, so Rey can easily play with her. She starts tickling them with the gloved hands, while Lara makes muffled moans under the gag and suffering in silence. Rey continues the tickling revenge for several minutes, using gloved hands and feathers. She rips Lara's pantyhose, uncovering the feet, then she tickles them without mercy. The revenge is accomplished.

Before leaving the room, Rey puts to sleep Lara with chloroform.

Models: Lara, Rey
Time 41:14
Size 3185 MB
Format MP4

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