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Tickling Perversion

Rachel enters in the house and strangely starts rummaging in the drawers. Xena grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, keeping it with her gloved hand. Rachel struggles, but Xena is stronger than her and she passes out.

Rachel is tied up and blindfolded on the chair. Xena comes back and takes off her shoes, leaving her in socks. She puts her gloved fingers over the soles and starts tickling her. Rachel laughs so loud, while Xena has fun to hear her. She doesn't use only her fingers, but she takes a red feather and this makes Rachel crazy. She takes off her socks too and continues the bizarre tickling torture for some minutes. Then she leaves the room.

Rachel is still tied up and blindfolded on the chair. She manages to break free, finds the chloro cloth and waits the return of Xena. She grabs her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Although Xena is stronger than her, she can't do nothing against the substance and she passes out.

Now Xena is tied up and blindfolded on the chair. Rachel can exactly do the same things Xena did to her, so she takes off her high heels shoes and starts tickling her feet in pantyhose, using a gloved hand, a bare hand and a feather. Xena is ticklish too, so she laughs so loud.

Rachel takes the scissors, cut the pantyhose and snatches them off the feet. Then she continues her tickling revenge, playing with the bare feet of Xena without mercy.

Before leaving the room, Rachel puts the chloro cloth over Xena's mouth and nose and keeps it until she faints. 

Models: Rachel Adams, Xena
Time 21:23
Size 1546 MB
Format MP4

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