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Under Feet Of Lovers 2 Full Version

Gianluca goes to his lover Eleonore, unaware that she knows he is also dating Pinky. She welcomes him as if nothing had happened, so she treats him in a very friendly way. She suddenly tells him to close his eyes because she has a surprise for him. She pours the chloroform on a cloth and puts it over his mouth and nose. He struggles and makes muffled screams, while she looks at him with a sadistic smile and waits until he passes out.

Gianluca now is on the bed, with Eleonore and Pinky who are watching him. They starts tying him with duct tape and he asks them what are they doing. He begs them to let him go too, but they put a sock inside his mouth and gag him with the tape around his mouth.

They take off her shoes and humiliate him, putting them over his face. Then they show their stinky feet in pantyhose and start rubbing them over his mouth and nose, making him to smell them. Both women are very angry with their self-righteous lover, so they have no mercy and pushes their feet tight. He can't say a word, he can only smell the unpleasant odour and be smothered by their veiled soles and toes. Sometimes they grab and squeeze tight his nipples.

After several minutes of foot smother in pantyhose, Eleonore and Pinky slowly take off their pantyhose and continue using their bare feet to play with him. He has to bear four female feet over his mouth and nose again, while they sadistically laugh at him. When he can breathe, he has to smell their odour. Eleonore and Pinky continue their revenge game for other several minutes, making him feel a loser.

Near the end of clip, Eleonore puts the chloro cloth over his mouth again and keeps it with her bare feet. Gianluca passes out again.

Models: Eleonore, Pinky, Gianluca
Time 35:14
Size 2560 MB
Format MP4

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